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Ariel Hsing

USA Table Tennis

Head Shot

Coaches: Lily Yip, ZhenShi Li, Hailong Shen, LiYing Tang, JiWei Xia, Stefan Feth, Dennis Davis
Handed: Right
Grip: Shakehands
Style of Play: Two Wing Attacker
Rubber: Both sides inverted
Sponsors: Killerspin, New York Athletic Club
Club Affiliation:  LYTTCiTableTennis, WCTTA , JWTTC
School: Princeton University

How long have you been playing? 12 Years

How did you get involved in the sport? My mom couldn't find a baby sitter for me when I was seven and took me along to the Palo Alto Table Tennis club. 

Your best victory or tournament? Highest Rating to date? My best "victory" was losing to the eventual champion Li Xiaoxia at the 2012 Olympics. Highest world ranking: 73 Highest USATT rating: 2548 

What are your Goals in the sport? There are only three sports that the U.S. has never medalled at the Olympics: badminton, handball, and table tennis. My goal is to win a medal for my country. If I can't do it, I want to help others to do it. 

Who is your Favorite Player? Why? Ding Ning from China is my favorite player. She always seems happy and enjoys playing the matches. 

Describe your game or playing philosophy. I am a two-wing attacker. My philosophy is to always train hard and try your best. I want to enjoy the game and care less about the results. 

Competition Record:


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